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Glebe House Projects

Here are some of our current projects which are helped by donations, for more information about donations please visit our support us page

Eco Car & Charging Points Project

Our support vehicle, used to take our young people to external appointments (dentist/doctor) and other activities, is no longer fit for purpose. We are raising funds to purchase a new eco-car and install charging points on site. Changing to an eco-vehicle and reducing our carbon footprint is beneficial to the environment (decreasing pollution and harmful greenhouse gases) and also reducing our long-term running costs.

Glebe House Eco Car Project

Education Kitchen Project

Our Young People currently use the main kitchen for their Cooking and Lifeskills projects. Ideally, we’d re-purpose an area next to the Workshop that can be properly dedicated and available whenever needed, freeing-up the main kitchen for general home use.

Glebe House Kitchen Project

Environmental Light Upgrade

Under our Environmental plans, we are looking to upgrade all lights to LED (Light Emitting Diode) focusing on our Education Building, Theatre and Motor Workshop. This is widely considered to be one of the ‘greenest’ sources of lighting, with a long lifespan, less wastage (as they last much longer than traditional lighting), are non-toxic (contain no hazardous materials) and are energy efficient.

Glebe House LED Lighting Project
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