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School Curriculum

All students enter the school on a rolling-intake, starting their programme with us at any stage during the academic year. Some students arrive with evidence of prior academic achievements, including some GCSEs; however, most of our young people will have experienced huge disruption to their education prior to their arrival here and many will have been absent from a formal educational setting for a prolonged period of time. Baseline assessments indicating severe gaps in skills or performance are not uncommon.

Most of our students have EHCPs which identify particular areas of educational need across a broad spectrum of diagnosis, including: SpLD, Dyslexia, ASD, ODD, SEBD and other complex conduct disorders. Students might also be subject to legal orders which restrict, or prevent, their access to elements of supplementary external educational provision.

All of these factors are considered in the preparation of each student’s timetable, which is devised to offer a bespoke educational package, relevant and pertinent to the needs of the individual.

We are registered with a number of awarding bodies and can offer a range of academic and vocational qualifications.

Our Offer

Core Subjects







Life Skills

Optional GCSE

Others by Request






A Level

Others by Request






Construction Trade Multi-Skills


Automotive Studies

Hospitality & Catering

Home Cooking Skills

Where appropriate, for the post-16 Residents, driving lessons (Theory and Practical) are timetabled in to their school week.

Students who play a musical instrument, sing or are interested in musical production are able to do Grade Examinations through the RSL Music examination system.

Modern Foreign Languages – Conversational French and Spanish tuition is available, with experienced MFL teaching Staff in place, should a learner wish to take this subject further.

Physical Education is delivered both on-site and off-site through links with external resource providers; making use of specified hire times at local community sports facilities for such activities as swimming and badminton.

Not all the learning taking place at Glebe House is qualification focused. All learners take part in PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) lessons, which cover a range of relevant, focused activities that help to enrich and inform their understanding of current personal and social issues.

In order to support our Young People in their preparation for working life, learners are provided with access to a range of Work Experience opportunities both on and off-site, including those involving: administration work, site maintenance, bicycle maintenance, gardening and kitchen experience.

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Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities are designed to help our learners to develop their personal and social skills in a slightly different way to other learning opportunities. They may include taking part in activities that call on team-work or negotiation skills, planning, problem-solving or even a physical activity.


Enrichment days also give our learners the opportunity to take part in activities or educational visits that they might not usually choose to experience; helping them to gain a better understanding of the broad range of options available to them.

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