Glebe House Project: Food Composter

One day, a staff member decided to make a difference. Looking at our beautiful, rural site they considered the amount of food waste we all made and decided something needed to be done.

Glebe House Rural Setting

Our staff member worked hard, applied for and was awarded a Cambridge Community Foundation Grant. They spoke to Ridan Composting, who arranged swift delivery of their Food Composting solution.

Glebe House - A Cambridgeshire Community Grant enabled us to get a Ridan Food Composter

We immediately put the Food Composter to good use!

Glebe House - Ridan Food Composter - Food Waste

Glebe House - Ridan Food Composter - Compost

How it looks! What a wonderful environmental solution. Our thanks to Ridan Composting!

Glebe House - Ridan Food Composter


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