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Glebe House Logo Treatment Programme

We provide a structured clinical treatment programme which integrates psychoanalytic, person-centred and cognitive behavioural approaches, embedded within a therapeutic community model.  This holistic programme includes individual treatment, an offence-focused group work programme and large group-work focusing on emotional wellbeing. The programme encourages ownership and responsibility for behaviour, providing opportunities for young people to learn to managing risk safely and develop the skills to voice their feelings in healthy ways.  

A therapeutic community is a planned environment which exploits the therapeutic value of social and group processes. It promotes equitable and democratic group-living in a varied, permissive but safe environment. Interpersonal and emotional issues are openly discussed and members can form intimate relationships. Mutual feedback helps members confront their problems and develop an awareness of interpersonal actions.

From ‘The Principles and Therapeutic Rationale of Therapeutic Communities’, Haigh and Worrall 2002

View Community of Communities, Royal College of Psychiatrists



Developmental Factors

Emotional Behavioural Factors

Sexually Harmful Factors

Identity Factors


Development Factors

Developmental Milestones

Illness / Ailments

Mental Health Issues

Difficulties / Disabilities

Family History


Parenting Styles

Trauma and Abuse



Statutory Involvement

Previous Intervention

Emotional / Behavioural Factors

Emotional Vocabulary


Mood Disorders



Psychological Mindedness

Anti Social Behaviour

Substance Misuse


Self Harm

Identity Factors

Sexual Identity

Notion of Self and Others

Self Esteem

Family Scripts

Relationship Scripts

Cultural Identity

Place in Society

Hobbies and Interests


'Safe' Identity

Future Plans

Sexually Harmful Factors

Offence Profile

Victim Profile

Grooming Style

Pathway to Offending

Motivation to Offend

Sexual Fantasy

Impact of Behaviour

Victim Empathy

Cognitive Distortions

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