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Here are some Glebe House project which were helped by donations.

Our Quaker Connections

We are proud of our Quaker roots and keen to continue building relationships across this wonderful community. 

As an organisation offering specialised services, we are not known by many outside of the relevant industries. For us to continue the life-changing work that we do at Glebe House, it is vital that we form connections with supporters like you. 

As a Quaker-founded charity, it is important to us to maintain our links with our Quaker roots, and we would welcome the opportunity to visit your local Quaker Meeting to share more about our work and the impact we have on young people’s lives. If you would like to learn more or are considering inviting us to attend your local Quaker Meeting, please get in touch with us here. Where distances are too great for us to attend in person, we would be happy to arrange a remote connection to speak with you via Teams. 

Spread The Word - Glebe House

Spread the Word

The work we do is sensitive, and of necessity discreet. Other than local authority commissioners, the probation service and those who audit us or evaluate our impact, few know what we do. We rely on people like you to spread the word about how successfully we transform damaged young lives. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us.

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