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Glebe House is a registered care home providing specialist residential and educational services for young males who have a history, and/or significant risk, of harmful sexual behaviour. 

Glebe House Journeys
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Our Aims

  • To continue to provide a Therapeutic Community that cares for, develops and supports young males with a history of harmful sexual behaviour.

  • To create a stable, therapeutic and educational environment to assist young males in establishing positive behaviours and life skills.

  • To provide young males with specialist, behavioural, psychological and academic support they need so that they can move forward towards a more hopeful life. 

  • To provide structured pathways that enable a safer transition to independent living that reduces the risks for young people and society.

  • Collaborating with organisations and academia in the sector, to share best practice, lead thinking and research in the development and provision of services for young people who display harmful sexual behaviour.

  • To develop and provide consultancy and training to raise awareness and improve services for young people.


Glebe House Journeys

Although these two boys are fictitious, the journeys are real. These are genuine experiences from nearly 600 boys, who have come through Glebe House. Each journey is unique, as each young person and their experiences are unique. We tailor every programme, and continuously improve our methods through collaborative research. You can view these journeys below and throughout the website on their relevant pages.

Kai's Journey

Jay's Journey


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