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An exhausting week

Conference. Recruitment. Advertising. Traffic and petrol.

Last week was fuller than usual. I travelled with a colleague to a conference in Birmingham, which nearly didn't happen due to a lack of fuel and a road closure of the A14. We finally arrived at the University of Birmingham for the Forensic Psychology Practice's 11th annual conference 'New Directions in Sex Offender Practice'. Inspired programming that covered topics such as 'Professionals struggles with risk assessment and management in sex offenders' and 'Working therapeutically with people with intellectual disabilities who have carried out sexually harmful behaviours'. Keynote speakers Professor Belinda Winder, Dr. Jackie Craissati, Dr. Maggie Brennan, Dr. Darragh McCashin, Dr. Ida Dickie, Dr. Kerry Beckley, Professor David Thornton and Professor Franca Cortoni all delivered additional superb topics.

Networking, and meeting new people.

Listening to Donald Findlater talk through the Stop It Now campaign and the deterrence campaign 'Get Help' in collaboration with PornHub really challenged my thinking. As a marketeer language, narrative and messaging fascinates me endlessly, as does partnership building and collaborations. Understanding the wider landscape around Harmful Sexual Behaviour and building good networks is essential to really making a difference.


In addition to attending conference, I have the enviable task of reviewing our recruitment advertising. Working closely with HR we are refining our messaging and asking ourselves, why would someone come to work at Glebe House? How do we make our recruitment honest - our staff will tell you, sometimes working here can be really, really challenging. But, where else could you spend two years working directly with one young person to help them change their trajectory? I've only been here a year and the progress of our young people astounds me. Sometimes, the smallest things strike me - at lunch one of our young people politely asked who else had finished before offering to remove all plates and tidy up. Lovely manners which will serve him well when he leaves Glebe House.

Watch this space, there will be more to share over the coming months, especially new roles!


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